PQ2007: Programma Laura de Josselin de Jong

11.00 Introduction
The focus of my presentation will be the use of daily objects within my theatre designs.

In my opinion, theatre contemplates an intensification of our reality, it is a boomerang of daily life. At least those are the plays I like best.
In line with this opinion I design and use/modify/convert objects, which surround me. I like to challenge directors/actors to develop a specific way of using objects.
The chosen approach should always, in its twisted way, end up by clarifying the meaning of a certain scene, or the play itself.

I am always alert which objects or aspects of an object might be useful. Can it be multiplied, chopped up, what is its theme, association, acoustic, weight etc. etc.; it can be anything. I eagerly seize upon coincidences, which are appropriate to the play. This way of designing highly depends on the openness of the play, the view of the director, the motorical action of an actor, and the willingness of the audience to go along with the ‘code’.

My introduction will be very short, merely stating my general view on the theatre, my favourite director (Ted Keijser) and his background, the preferred kind of location to play (300/500 seats, theatre, tent or any place where you can install a stand), the audience (anybody above 8 years old).

Accompanied by pictures, I will take the audience of PQ 07 out on a stroll through my atelier, my house, my handkerchief garden and Amsterdam. I will explain in which sense certain objects got - or might get- connected to different theatre productions.
My ‘walk’ will be in dialogue with Marloeke van der Vlugt, who is going to make a completely different kind of walk, explaining her approach in the theatre.

With a lunchbreak in between , this will last till teatime with “stroopwafels”.

16:00 Round Table Discussion
In the roundtable discussion I would like to honour my college and stage designer soul-mate Vladimir Câp, Slovakian stage designer, who passed away January this year.
We met 16 years ago on the Prague Quadrianale and kept in touch, meeting all over Europe and inspiring each other. We worked together in a stage designers project in Holbæk, Denmark. Presumably the Slovakian Pavilion is next-door to the Dutch, so we will go over there for some time and hopefully somebody from the Slovakian Pavilion can join us.
Apart from Marloeke van der Vlugt , who is already present, I would like to invite Herbert Janse -dutch stage designer-, who’s work is familiar to me and Dorien de Jonge, - dutch costume designer-, who designs the costumes for the plays, directed by Ted Keijser.