2016 Sevilla OISTAT Meeting Notice Update

                                                                                                                                                       August 1, 2016
OISTAT Annual Meetings
Sevilla, Spain 
October 18-24, 2016

Meeting Notice Update

Dear Members,

Official website for Sevilla 16 is now online, please visit for all the information and registraiton regarding tours, conferences and accommodation. The early bird registration will end on August 31. Please note that participants who wish to participate in conference and tours will have to register via the website. 

For members who wish to attend OISTAT meetings, please also submit your OISTAT registration form to Headquaters 
and Architecture commission Chair Tim Foster and/or Education Commission Chair Ian Evans

All members are more than welcome to participate in joint activities including conference, tours and side programs. 
The event is more than a three-day conference on Theatre Architecture in Andalucia, it gathers hard works and efforts 
from many talented people that together you will gain valuable experience and insightful perspectives. If you wish to 
attend meetings ONLY, please send an email to Headquarter and José Luis Ferrera with your name and OISTAT meeting(s) you wish to attend, we will handle it as exception. 

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions. Here are some frequently asked questions about Sevilla 16 meeting: 

1. Why do I need to submit a separeate OISTAT registration form for OISTAT meetings?

Since Education commission and Architecture commission are holding Chair elections,we will need to know the attendance of voting delegates in order to conduct the election. 
2. Is the conference a separate event from commision meetings?
Conference on Theatre Architecture in Andalusia and other theatre tours are joint activites. You are welcome to particiapte but they are not mandatory. 
3. Do I need to pay for attending Conference?
Yes, the costs, schedule and registrations are available at Sevilla 16 website.
4. Do I need to pay registration fee if I only wish to attend OISTAT meetings?
No registration fees are associated with OISTAT meetings, you only need to pay for accommodation and travel costs. If you wish to attend meetings ONLY, please send an email to Headquarter and José Luis Ferrera, with your name and OISTAT meeting(s) that you wish to attend. 
5. When is early bird registration going to end?
The early bird registration will end on August 31, 2016.

Looking forward to seeing you in October!

Best regards,

Wan-Jung Wei, OISTAT

Wan-Jung Wei
General Manager

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