2017 OISTAT Statutes Revision

March 31, 2017

Dear Colleagues,

After careful evaluation and deliberate consideration, the Executive Committee has made several changes to the current Statutes. In the forthcoming World Congress, held July 3-4 in Taipei, Taiwan the revised Statutes will  be voted on. With the intention of welcoming the growing number of young people into our community, and to meet the need of the current membership and the changing operation of the organization. Below is a summary of the main changes made. U kunt hier de statuten downloaden.

Main Changes

  • Individual Student-Membership (A. Individual Members, Article V)
    We believe that having more students involved in OISTAT through lowering the barrier of becoming an Individual member, is a key to rejuvenate the organization.
  • Sub-commissions (Article VIII, Article XI, Article XV, Appendix 1 and 2)
    Sub-commissions are a substitute for the pre-existing Working Group structure to be better incorporated into the organization and its leadership, enabling a smoother communication and cooperation in the future.
  • Voting rights for Associate Members (Voting, Article VIII)
    All members are now entitled to vote. 

If something is unclear or you want to ask questions, please contact us through our Headquarters at 


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