AES-bijeenkomst 'Prequel'

On Wednesday, October 11, the Netherlands section of AES is planning a meeting on ‘PREQUEL’, a novel method to objectively measure the subjective loudspeaker sound reproduction quality.

PRESENTATION (in English):
John Beerends (TNO-telecom)

Wednesday October 11, 2017
20:00 - 22:00 Presentation (coffee from 19:00)

Royal Conservatory
Juliana van Stolberglaan 1
2595 CA Den Haag

Please apply by webform; you will reecive an automatic confirmation of reception.

Participation is free of charge; application is mandatory however.
Members of NAG, VCA, VPT are kindly invited.

In this presentation I will introduce PREQUEL: Perceptual Reproduction Quality Evaluation for Loudspeakers.
In classical loudspeaker measurements one quantifies the loudspeaker system directly on the basis of a set of technical measurements like frequency response, directivity, distortion, etc.

PREQUEL quantifies the overall perceived sound quality of a loudspeaker by assessing the recorded acoustic output using a set of music signals.
It uses a set of reference signals by making binaural recordings with a head and torso simulator, using the best quality loudspeakers, in the ideal listening spot in the best quality listening environment
The reproduced reference signal with the highest subjective quality is compared to the acoustic degraded loudspeaker output using a perceptual model.
This approach thus allows prediction of the subjectively perceived sound quality of loudspeakers taking into account the influence of the listening room and the listening position.
It also allows to assess which type of music signals sounds best over which loudspeaker.

For further information please refer to the page on the AES website.

Bron: AES Nederland