AES-bijeenkomst Using Object-Based Audio in Live and Entertainment Applications voor VPT-leden

Bij de AES-bijeenkomst Using Object-Based Audio in Live and Entertainment Applications van 30 oktober zijn ook VPT-leden welkom.

Christoph Sladeczek (Fraunhofer IDMT Ilmenau)

Date and time
Tuesday, October 30, 2018
20:00 - 22:00 Presentation (coffee from 19:00)

Academie voor Theater en Dans
Jodenbreestraat 3, 1011 NG Amsterdam

Using Object-Based Audio in Live and Entertainment Applications

Multi-channel loudspeaker systems are used for the generation of spatial audio. Depending on the number of channels different spatial sound reproduction techniques exist. 
The last decades were dominated by channel-based sound reproduction. A trend which will change the way of audio production and interaction is the object-based approach. Using the channel-based audio approach the production results are loudspeaker signals, mixed for a dedicated speaker setup. Here, the same geometrical loudspeaker setup needs to be used for production as well as for reproduction in order to create the desired spatial effect. For most listening situations this requirement is hard to achieve, which results in sub-optimal spatial reproduction quality. 

The object-based approach follows another concept. 
The general idea is to save audio objects instead of loudspeaker signals as the result of the spatial audio mix. Such an object is characterized by an input signal (signal of a voice or an instrument) and corresponding metadata representing the properties of the object like position or gain. The generation of loudspeaker signals is conducted by a so called audio renderer, who creates the speaker signal interactively. Besides the cinema and home audio, this approach is about to revolutionize the live and entertainment sound reproduction. This talk gives insides into the general concept of object-based audio, its background developments and focuses on usage in live and entertainment applications.
A demonstration is part of the presentation.


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How to get there
The Theater Academy is situated at a walkable distance from the metro station 'Nieuwmarkt'. Not too far from Amsterdam Central station as well.
Several car parks are located in the neighbourhood.
For your convenience a map of the area is provided at the bottom of this page.

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