Dringende oproep van PLASA om de krachten te bundelen in de lichtindustrie

The ECO Design regulation proposals are set to cover all light sources and luminaires in a universal and general way. The technical teams working on this have taken some industries into consideration – for instance, video projection and sports field lighting – but provisions for entertainment lighting are vague and without clarity of scope and, as drafted, present a risk to our industry. None of the impact assessment or comparative data looked at a theatre stage and the particulars of our industry.

The people writing the regulation text do not have malign intentions for our industry, but they do not understand it or know about it either. This is a call to manufacturers of luminaires to get together and produce a technical and market-led rationale for an exemption for lighting used in our industry. The potential risk is to all stage lighting, and is not really about the debate of tungsten vs LED, as both are threatened if the regulations are poorly drafted.

We need to mobilise support from key players in our industry to present a coherent objection with a strong rationale that includes a good dose of real defensible science. One lone manufacturer cannot get this done, nor can PLASA alone – we must work together.

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