Gratis naar AES-meeting ‘Multiple audio channel reinforcement’ voor VPT-leden

On Monday, October 1, the Netherlands section of AES is planning a meeting on ‘Multiple audio channel reinforcement’, an interesting method of sound amplification applied for modulating room acoustics and for sound reinforcement.

Presentation (in English)
Frans Ockeloen (Instituut voor Audio- en Belichtingstechniek)
Cees Mulder (Kahle Acoustics)

Date and time
Monday October 1, 2018
20:00 - 22:00 Presentation (coffee from 19:00)

Royal Conservatory
Juliana van Stolberglaan 1, 2595 CA Den Haag

Please apply by webform; you will receive an automatic confirmation of reception.
Participation is free of charge; application is mandatory however. Members of NAG, VCA, VPT are kindly invited.

Multiple audio channel reinforcement
When applying multiple audio channel reinforcement we do not mix microphone signals. Each microphone signal is fed to an individual loudspeaker, or set of loudspeakers. This way a larger gain (before feedback) is possible. Application of this method is found in the area of variable room acoustics and of sound reinforcement.

Room acoustics
Since we can think of a loudspeaker as an amount of negative absorption one can use this approach to electronically control the room acoustics. Adding ‘early reflections’ further enhances the acoustics. Comb filtering is minimised due to the acoustical mixing process.

Sound reinforcement
Recently multiple audio channel reinforcement has been applied in a touring theater show of Brigitte Kaandorp. Very often the sound systems were limited to a L/R array system. An LCR-system already offers more options. However an independent vocal system - e.g. via center cluster - is rarely available.

Cees Mulder will inform us on the theory behind multiple audio channel reinforcement and he will illustrate its application in room acoustics. A simple system for tuning room acoustics, with commonly available equipment, will be demonstrated. Frans Ockeloen will shed his light on the practical application for sound reinforcement and will demonstrate a comparison with standard L/R sound reproduction. 

For further information please refer to the page on the AES website.

Bron: AES Nederland