OISTAT: Call for President and EC Candidates

Reminder: Call for Candidates for President
Reminder: Call for Candidates for Executive Committee Members

May 15, 2016

Dear Colleagues, 

The call for nominations is now open for the positions of President and Executive Committee members for the period 2017-2021. Nomination deadline is October 15, 2016. OISTAT Centres and Individual Members are entitled to nominate candidates. In conjunction with World Stage Design 2017 in Taipei, Taiwan, the election will take place at the next OISTAT World Congress tentatively scheduled for July 3-4, 2017 where OISTAT Centre voting delegates and Individual Members will elect one President and seven Executive Committee members to lead OISTAT for a four-year term 2017- 2021. 

Nomination from OISTAT Centres must include:

  • A letter of nomination from the Centre
  • Candidate’s CV with photo and contact information
  • Candidate’s statement of intent

Nomination from Individual Members must include:

  • A letter of nomination from the Individual Member 
  • Candidate’s CV with photo and contact information
  • Candidate’s statement of intent

Please note that the candidate needs to be financially able to attend two international meetings each year.

Voting Eligibility
This call for candidates is according to the current Statutes. Before the elections on the Congress, a proposal for Statutes change will be voted on. If new Statutes are accepted, voting eligibility might change since in that case the elections will be under the new Statutes.

Nomination Deadline
Please send the nomination documents for the President and/or Executive Committee members to the Headquarters no later than October 15, 2016 via email to:

Incomplete nomination document will NOT be taken into consideration.
Please find the current OISTAT Statutes regarding rules for the election below.  


1. At least one year before a Congress, the Executive Committee shall request all the OISTAT    
    Centres and Individual Members, in writing, to nominate candidates for the post of President. 
2. Within three months of the invitation any OISTAT Centres wishing to nominate should send 
    their candidates' names to the EC, together with any further information requested by the EC. 
    OISTAT centers have the right to nominate candidates who are not members of their own 
3. The EC will appoint one or more persons who will personally contact each candidate and 
    * what languages the candidate speaks. 
    * whether the candidature is fully supported by an OISTAT Centre. 
    * whether the candidate has sufficient time to work for OISTAT, 
    * how the candidate views OISTAT, its policies and its future. 
4. Having interviewed the candidates, the EC will make the list public within eight months from   
    the date when the invitation to propose candidates was sent. 
5. After the names of the candidates have been made public, they shall be entitled to attend  
    meetings of the EC until the next Congress. They shall have access to the same information 
    as the members of the EC, and be subject to the same conditions as the members of the EC. 
6. During the Congress, each of the candidates will be given the opportunity to address 
    Congress for up to 15 minutes in order to explain what views he/she has on the function of 
    the President and on the future of OISTAT. 
7. Voting for the President is by secret ballot.

1. OISTAT Centres and Individual Members are allowed to propose a candidate to be elected to   
    the EC, except that candidate members and Individual Members who have less than two years 
    of paid membership cannot be elected. 
2. When a person has been nominated for the EC, that person or his or her OISTAT Centre must 
    notify the OISTAT Headquarters of their willingness to support the travel required should the 
    nominee be elected. OISTAT Centres should note that the working language of the EC is 
3. No person may be on the EC for longer than three terms of four years. The person may also 
    be President for up to two subsequent terms of four years each.

Download complete OISTAT Statutes.
Shall there be any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Headquarters.


OISTAT, Louis Janssen                  OISTAT, Wan-Jung Wei

President General Manager
Louis Janssen Wan-Jung Wei



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