Stage|Set|Scenery: opzoek naar jong talent en specialisten

Stage|Set|Scenery: In search of young talent and specialists


Education and Training segment is in high demand – First time partnership between Job Wall and – Weltenbauer.Youngsters.Awards to be presented for the third time.

Berlin, 13 June 2019 – ”This year we still have 200 vacancies for technical jobs at the theatre: stage technicians, lighting engineers, stage and lighting directors, carpenters, mechanics and members of other skilled trades from the workshops. Theatres are unable to find young talent in many areas“, said Hubert Eckart of Deutsche Theatertechnische Gesellschaft (DTHG) in a recent interview with Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. The lack of young talent and specialists as well as the ongoing debate regarding a modern curriculum are topics that concern all parts of the industry. Stage|Set|Scenery, which is taking place from 18 to 20 June in Berlin, will be placing the spotlight on young talent, specialists, education and training. In addition to events targeting the industry’s young professionals, the programme will also including numerous networking formats where cultural institutions and the employees of the future can come together.


Education and Training segment fully booked

Business colleges, universities and other professional training institutions will be represented in Hall 22. They include Akademie der Österreichischen Theatertechnischen Gesellschaft, Berufliche Schule Holz. Farbe. Textil, the Canadian Institute for Theatre Technology (CITT/ICTS), DEAplus, DHBW Ravensburg, Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden, Bayrische Theaterakademie August Everding, along with its make-up course – theatre and film representatives, Oberstufenzentrum für Gestaltung at Wilhelm-Ostwald-Schule, Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen and Beuth Hochschule für Technik in Berlin, students of which will be creating an artwork on the topic of sustainability in the passageway between Halls 20 and 21 during the show.

EurAKA Baden-Baden will be exhibiting works by trainees of Louis-Lepoix-Schule on the display area in Hall 22/Stand 330. These will include a 3D stage design co-produced with stage-set artists and sculptors, as well as masks made by trainee make-up artists. DTHG’s European Theatre Technicians Education (ETTE) project will be represented on Stand 158 with information on new basic qualifications for stage technicians. On the presentation area of A. Haussmann Theaterbedarf GmbH visitors will be able to try out their skills with a brush. This area is also where international associations and institutions will be providing information about career opportunities in Germany and abroad.

The Job Wall powered by in Hall 22/Stand 413 will be publicising the latest vacancies for young talent and specialists. The show’s website has already received 80 vacancies which will be finding their way onto the Job Wall. Exhibiting companies who are looking for employees can be identified by the mauve job logo sticker, so that specialists and young people can use their visit to meet them in person. Those interested can find out about exhibitors’ latest vacancies from the Stage|Set|Scenery Virtual Market Place ahead of the show, submit their applications and make an appointment with the companies in question.

Round Tables on education and training, starting a career and personnel management

Education and training, management concepts and corporate culture will also be among the topics at the supporting programme of events. On Wednesday, 19 June, at the Round Table Network for Career Starters, Christoph Hoppermann of DTHG will talk about getting started in a career (Round Table 23, 11 a.m.). Also on Wednesday, Interessengemeinschaft Veranstaltungswirtschaft (IGVW) will be extending an invitation to the Round Table for educational institutions (Round Table 22, 1 p.m.). Topics to be discussed will include quality standards and examination methods in education and training. On Thursday, 20 June, at 11.30 a.m. at Round Table 22, the focus will be on management concepts and corporate culture in the theatre industry. Under the heading ‘Personnel management in the 21st century: Self-organisation as an opportunity for teams in art and technology?’, participants can learn about the basics of agile work methods, clear up some myths regarding self-organisation, and discuss new and more flexible structures at the workplace.


Weltenbauer.Youngsters.Awards – the competition for young people

Leonardo da Vinci died 500 years ago on 2 May 1519. An expert in painting, sculpture, architecture, anatomy, mechanics, engineering and natural philosophy, he had a significant influence on the Renaissance period and beyond. It was with this extraordinary artist in mind that assignments were given to the contestants of the Weltenbauer.Youngsters.Awards 2019. This year, DTHG and Messe Berlin are presenting the awards to talented young people for the third time. The organisers were able to secure A. Haussmann GmbH as the sponsor of this year’s awards. Trainees, students (ranging from schools to vocational and higher education) from any country specialising in the theatre, films and event technology were invited to submit their designs and works. A presentation honouring the winners of the Weltenbauer.Youngsters.Awards will take place at Stage|Set|Scenery on 18 June 2019 at 6.30 p.m. on the Safety in Action stage in Hall 22.

Admission is free for school parties, groups of students and their teachers and lecturers. Prior registration in writing is required. To do so please email Pupils and students visiting the show on their own can purchase reduced-rate day tickets costing EUR 10.00, which are obtainable at the ticket office upon presentation of a student ID.


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