The 10th Theatre Architecture Competition

Key Dates of TAC 2017

12 October 2016 Issue of the Design Brief and Competition Conditions
14 November 2016 Closing date for questions
17 February 2017 Application and payment submission open
17 March 2017 Application and payment submission close
28 April 2017 Official announcement of competition rules
1-9 July 2017 Award ceremony and prize-giving at WSD2017


What is TAC?
The Theatre Architecture Competition (TAC), organised by OISTAT Architecture commission, is an international competition aimed at students and emerging architects and practitioners to showcase their innovation of future theatre architectures. 

TAC 2017 Theme - Theatre as Public Space
The purpose of the competition is to imagine how a different kind of temporary theatre environment could be created, which like theatre itself is ephemeral and is ‘here today and gone tomorrow’. Shaped by an existing urban context, the challenge of the theatre design competition is not only to concentrate on the performance space(s) themselves, but to think how the theatre can engage with civic activities.

Selected entries will be exhibited and awarded in World Stage Design (WSD) at Taipei National University of the Arts from 1-9 July 2017.

TAC 2017 Site
The Public Activity Center, a disused sports stadium in Hsinchu City, Taiwan.

Find Out More >> Visit TAC2017 Official Website for detailed information & complete competition brief. Questions about TAC, please email