OISTAT in 2015 Annual Report with Financial Report

OISTAT in 2015 Annual Report with Financial Report

Dear Colleagues,

Every year, OISTAT Headquarters publishes a digital annual report for our members. OISTAT in 2015 Annual Report recaps projects, commission activities and financial status of 2015. 2015 was a year full of beautiful memories and excited events in OISTAT family. Over 100 professionals worldwide gathered in events and meetings in Grahamstown, Stockholm, Berlin, Prague, Moscow, Novi Sad, Hong Kong and Taipei. Together with your support, we have had an amazing and fulfilling year in 2015.

We invite you to share this report with your colleagues and members, to see what have OISTAT done last year and the events we are planning for the future which members around the world are welcomed to join. There is also a report addressing the financial situation of OISTAT in 2015. Please click here to download.

OISTAT Annual Report 2015  OISTAT Annual report 2015

OISTAT embraces people from different disciplines, cultures and ages to take part in the pursuit of collaborative creativity. It is through innovation and the sharing of experiences that we believe truly enriches the essence of our organization. OISTAT recognizes the need to keep up with the constant change and adjust to cope with the emerging challenges; both within our community and externally. Our members have and will always be our priority and greatest asset, and for that reason, we want to actively encourage a greater level of communication with our membership. 

We believe now that we can better fulfil our potential if we develop the opportunity for our Centres, associates and individual’s members to play a more proactive role and increase the visibility of our projects to a broader range of people; targeting different age groups, backgrounds and regions. To facilitate this, we will welcome any questions and suggestions. OISTAT thanks you for the continuous support and contribution, and would endeavour a closer collaboration with your organization in the days to come.


Louis Janssen
Louis Janssen


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