PQ2007: Sanne Danz: Work

Sanne Danz: Work

11.00 Introduction
Let’s talk about failure & megalomania
I plan to show some of my work, share my dreams and also share some of my disappointments.

14.00 Today’s Theme
Why is it that we so often witness performances in tatty rehearsal rooms that are mesmeric, to find them so boring some time afterwards in the theatre? It’s all there: set, sound and lighting, but the thrill is gone. I tend to think this is worse in theatres that have a conventional architecture; where audience and actors are seperated by the frame as if it where an impervious membrane. What can we designers do about this? What can architects do? Can we find ways to get through, and still be able to fulfil all the technical conditions - such as fire screens that might want to come down or the different looks and sizes of the theatres we have to play in. I’d very much like to inquire the problem, especially with people who solved it.

16.00 Roundtable Discussion
And then of course a conversation on the above.