Call by Entertainment lighting sector for a continued exemption


Protecting the entertainment industry from unintended consequences of the proposed EcoDesign regulations

The signatories of this statement are committed to the goals of the EU in relation to climate change and support a review of the EcoDesign Directive by the Commission. Increasing energy efficiency is part of the major objective to make theatres, live entertainment and studios all over Europe more sustainable. In this context, products designed with LED technology can be beneficial supplements to existing full spectrum theatrical light sources.

At present, there are no suitable LED replacements for the vast majority of entertainment luminaires.

A strict implementation of the new regulation (according to the current draft) would result in a lack of availability of existing light sources in the market and would result in the disposal (and replacement) of more than 5 million (>5.000.000) fully functional theatrical spotlights.

Significant energy savings are unachievable, due to the relatively low usage of entertainment lighting, compared to other forms of lighting, for instance the “London Theatre Industry’s Carbon Footprint” study indicates that lighting only makes up 3-5% of the total energy consumption in a typical theatre.

There are no suitable replacements and no considerable energy saving to be had for studio lighting, show effect lighting, theatre lighting, and there will be severe financial impact, due to replacement of working equipment and the need for significant changes to installed infrastructure.

We call on regulators to provide a continuing exemption for professional entertainment lighting from current legislation (directive 2015/1428 of 25 August 2015), in Annex I, 2. in the new EcoDesign regulation, as follows:

“Light sources for theatrical, live entertainment and studio lighting applications, where the spectral distribution of the light is adjusted to the specific needs of particular technical equipment, in addition to making the scene or object visible for humans”

An un-amended implementation of the current draft would result in an intolerable impact on employment, economic activity and cultural life in the European Union.

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